The company EXOCON is an independent and self-financed Consulting- and Service firm. We are spezialized in the Process Optimization and the Workflow Management of handling and manufacturing flexible textile and technical materials - called "soft-goods". Whenever the issue is to develop, plan or produce products made out of fabric, leather, technical canvas, glass- or carbon fibres, foil or similar materials, we are your knowledgeable and experienced contact.

We support our customers to take benefit and to gain profit from the manifold opportunities of optimizing and automating the processes in planning, production preparation and manufacturing as a result oriented partner. The cost reduction by using methods for a demand-driven material calculation and an optimized material yield gets special attention.

Our national and international customer base working in the apparel industry, the home- and contractual furniture industry, the fabrication of composite materials for the automotive, aeronautic and marine industry and other branches of the "soft-goods" industry profits from our practical oriented expert knowledge and our strategic and operational implementation expertise. We don't just tell you what to do, but we actively support and accompany you in the implementation of all steps necessary to realize the objectives.

We offer with the business branches Consulting, Products and Solutions an exhaustive service offer. Our core competencies are the optimization and integration of process in product development and CAD, production planning, manufacturing preparation and manufacturing. Special focus in our service offer is on the cost reduction through optimized processes targeting saving of material.