The planning of production orders, the efficient preparation of the manufacturing and the control of the production workflow are the daily challenges of companies working in the soft-goods industry. These processes can be compared with a complex clockwork, in which all cog wheels have to work perfectly together. On top of that, it is advisable to constantly improve the operations to be able to produce at the lowest possible cost.

As a consequence it is necessary to continously review the own processes and to adapt them to changing environments and market trends. But very often, this leads to the question how to do this. Where is the right starting point, and how to change well-established processes without taking the risk of generating new problems in another place?

At this point it is sometimes very advisable to take advantage of the support, knowledge and experience of consulting firms being specialized in the particular industry branch. By cooperating with external consultants it is possible to integrate ideas and solutions that have been proven to be suitable and successfull into your own processes.

EXOCON's key differentiator from other consulting companies is its "integral consulting approach". This means: in our philosophy it is not enough to analyze the workflow, environment and structure, list the weak points and make suggestions for improvements and then leave it up to you to implement the changes.

In fact, our utmost concern and target is to accompany you actively from the analyzis of the current state and the definition of the targets to reach to the operational implementation of products and solutions. We see our mission successfully completed if the defined targets have been verifiable reached and the processes have been implemented to be used in your daily business.