You and your staff have every day a multitude of tasks to take care of. For every job there are plenty of products and tools on the market that help you to better get the job done. But, which is most appropriate tool to use? Which tool really facilitates the job without generating a whole set of new problems that you didn't have before? And more important: how do you manage that the different products work seamlessly together?

Here we can help you with our long-time experience in this industry sector. We support you in selecting the appropriate tools which smoothly integrate into your workflow which can be incorporated into the overall process. We analyze together with you the needs and requirements and give you then recommendations for the products to use.

You have different systems already in use, but these systems cannot communicate? You print lists of information on the ERP-system to re-type this information into any other system? You would love to process information available on your CAD-system, but you don't know how to access the data? These are all points where we can help. We develop for you customer-specific interfaces for data communication or data analyzis purposes and help this way to make the workflow more efficient and fail-safe.

But sometimes the requirements are so specific that the use of standard products is not possible. Also in this case we can help: we develop for you customer specific software solutions targeting exactly your requirements and that seamlessly integrate into your current environment. A simple marker management tool, an automated data analyzis tool or a complex material calculation system - we and our partners will solve the problem for you.