Even if the terms "product" and "solution" are often misleadingly put on the same level, they still have a drastically different meaning: A product is used to support you in the execution of a very specific task. A solution on the other hand always targets the necessary steps in a process at a whole. Based on this finding there is the differentiation between a "job-oriented" and a "process-oriented" view.

Typically, it is not possible to achieve an efficient workflow management just by the investment and the use of industry-sector-specific standard software. It is even worse: introducing new products without special attention to the current environment and situation creates the risk of introducing problems that you didn't have before.

A solution is much more comprehensive and complex than a collection of individual products and tools. Developing a solution starts with the definition of the targets and objectives, contains the selection and the use of the appropriate products at the right time, controls the communication and interaction of the individual components and makes sure, that the operating staff is well-trained in the use of the solution. A solution is defined by the entirety of problem analyzis, key objective definition, selection of tools, communication, coaching and training.

Taking into account the diversity of requirements and problems in the individual industry sectors, it is virtually impossible to provide standard solutions. Each solution has to be tailored to the individual requirements and to the environment of the customer.

This is one of the core competencies of EXOCON: we analyze together with you the processes in the production order plannning, in the production planning, the production preparation and the manufacturing and develop together a solution respecting the current and the final state. Then we provide the integration of the solution into your existing processes and the coaching and training of your staff on the highest professional level.